Kampar Chicken Biscuit 鸡仔饼 Revisited

25 Nov

Kampar Chicken Biscuits

While making my lemon meltaways the last time, I was just thinking to myself that I could use the method of rolling the 鸡仔饼 dough into a log and cutting it up to cut down (excuse the pun) the prep time.  I mean, who doesn’t want to get their hands on yummy biscuits faster?

The verdict?  The dough was more fiddly than the meltaways – I attribute it to the fact that vegetable oil was used.  The melting point is a lot lower than butter (or lard) so one had to work really fast.  Also, the dough seemed to attract a fair amount of condensation which made it sticky and messy to work with if you take a long time.  There is definitely no way of getting the requisite 2mm even thickness that one gets with rolling.  The dough doesn’t hold up.

BUT after baking, my MIL reckons it takes more like the real McCoy of her youth.  The biscuit is doughier and brings to mind another type of biscuit which I used to have in my childhood (the name of which I’m still trying to ascertain)  That biscuit is like a pinwheel with a gingery taste, colored in both brown and cream.

I think how one makes the biscuits would boil down to one’s preference.  I would make it this way if it were for my MIL since she likes the texture like this.  But for myself?  Crispy and thin is the way to go for me even if it means that it disappears in double quick time!


  1. Wrap dough with freezer film to facilitate handling.
  2. You can flatten the biscuits a bit more after cutting but I like the rough feel of the biscuits that are cut with the knife.

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